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Tucker Bullsh*t

Whisper: "Bullsh*t in his ear"

Give Tucker an academy award!! Keeping a straight face (he’s good, Fox TV) IS Easy MEAT training… paid off.

“Just act dumb when connecting the game dots over AIPAC Hegelian Dialectical smokescreen and mirrors.

Tucker is the worst kind of traitor -

the Judas Goat that ignores the Great Replacement (Tuck talk about it?) and smiles as he lead his audience of sheep to oblivion and slaughter.

Tuckered is #1 on the list. We knew a long time ago a Tucker C*nt team were Bullshite at Fox repeatedly ignoring our production company requests to interview. We didn’t write with SS icongraphy on the letterhead… just normal invitations to interview about Truth and the AIPAC hegemony over US Congress.

This is sickening.

Cliff Taylor
Plastic Actor
Finding out why Satan controls this world.
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Cliff Taylor