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...and the livin' is easy

There is no stage I won’t go to to sing, play guitar, piano, bass, harmonica…even dance, lol. It is great when you meet people in music who think like you do and you can liken it to being at a party and finding people you really like. It is always different and changing — as it should be. Not everybody like to jam. I think it is down to training. I read music but I like the freedom of improvisation. Jazz is good for this but also blues and even rock music. Even song you know can be changed or you can just start with a great simple groove on drum and bass and drop the guitars and piano in an sing what you want — 1970s Funk music is great for this and I still love the songs from when I used to DJ in Europe and the US. Get down. People ask me what I listen to when I am not practicing (yes I practice almost everyday, and write) and I listen to a lot of classical music. I love the German composers and Italian Opera. BBC radio 3 app is fantastic and I recommend getting it (Sounds).

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