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Covid-1984 They were murdered

David Icke Episode 1

Disclaimer: I do not ascribe or agree with all of David’s views but the ones most people disagree with I agree with. I do take him to task in this video so it was not 100% easy ride for old David. David has cult-like super-star status and women (and everybody) were swarming on top of him. Luck was with me on this day because it was the end of the big lockdown protest in 2021; he was heading back to this car. At first we got on great since we both worked with the same people in London…the 1980s and he knew Spitting Image. A lot of people were commenting about David and some of it was not flattering.

Strange but no surprise that his daughter died just recently and I spoke to her and filmed our conversation. I thought she was a lovely girl and found her very attractive. I thought she was Gareth’s wife because she was with his sons and I didn’t realise she was David's daughter until I just read a few months ago she died on the Isle of Wight at a young age.

Suspiciously understandable …power mad psychos is an understatement. Another footnote that makes me suspicious about the sincerity of David Icke (really I trust no man or woman) is that he was freaked out when I found him again ( it was luck) but he was very unfriendly and just kept trying to run away,when I mentioned my documentary on Adrenachrome, the kids and the power structure. Like a Red Flag to a Bull. The haters of truth on have been on my ass like a disease since the dawn of the internet I suspect the usual suspects. Imagine having a job where you just kill people. Evil world, but we know that or there wouldn’t be an mNRA Spike Protein Death Shot. It is why we are here isn’t it? The Chemtrails never stop coming.

Footnote: I was shocked at how unhealthy David Icke looks. Don’t know if that is relevant or not, he is not that old.

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